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Getting Free Electricity or Natural Gas

Yes, free!  We are always hesitant to try something "different", heck I was too.  But because it was a person I knew and trusted, I took a look and tried the service.  My wife laughs every month when we get our "Free Energy Check" in the mail.  About $120/month or over $1200/Yr.

To be a customer, its free to join.  Let me know so I can set up your free web site that comes with being a customer so you can view, manage renew and change your own rates. FREE!

We are also partnered with the #1 Solar panel supplier in the U.S., 

Sun Run.   What does your current supplier give you?

multiple JD Power Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, Price and Retention

Get Paid for Sharing the Opportunity

Yes, getting a free energy credit or tax free check every month is cool.  But if you're like me, I wanted more.  So I became a consultant and now I help others become customers or consultants and teach them what I know on how to generate a network of opportunity sharers.

As a CEO of your own business, you now can grow your monthly income to whatever level you wish by the number of invites and the number of times you show other people.  I will help, guide, train, mentor you daily until you tell me you don't need me.


Stop busting your behind for someone else's retirement

The shape of corporate America is below:


Chairman of Board

Vice Presidents are found here

Middle manager are found around this area

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands on the sales floor

Interesting shape of the corporate giants, huh?

Ambit, America's #1 Retailer of energy, has partnered with Vistra Energy, America's #1 Energy Generator, making it a perfect marriage for the best rates passed on to you every day, week, month and year.

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  • Watch SC, Mike Robinson's Presentation here

  • Get Paid here  as a Consultant


  • Japanese Presentation here ( 日本のビデオはこちら )

Fear, Self Doubt and refusal to follow the system are the #1 reasons you may hear people struggle. Train, Follow Systems, repeat. . You'll never make a skim milk Macchiato on your first day without training!

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Don't miss out on the biggest "transfers of wealth in U.S. history"

Warren Buffet

Working your own home based business is not easy... your weaknesses get accented! Lack of success usually comes from those that don’t follow the system or training. If people are successful and making serious money, it proves this works. This is right for everyone but not everyone is right for this.  Be Accountable and you can be successful too. #ItStartsWithMe. #Accountable

To enroll as a Mike's customer or Mike's consultant:

Choose your country below: In the USA

In the USA, simply click here for Solar panels or to become a electric customer and save money on your current electric bill with lower rates... its still the same poles, the same lines, the same electricity... just cheaper.  Like getting gasoline for 5-10 cents less a gallon... its still the same gasoline, just less.

To make money off electricity, become a consultant here with my help, training and guidance.

For residents of Japan:

Click this link here and you will go to my Japan site.  At the bottom of this web site is your Gaiyoshomen to download.

In Canada, go below

Customers in Canada must reside in Alberta for now but consultants can live anywhere throughout Canada.  To look up the Canada site, go here

Ask for specific details

Most areas do not require a contract unless required by law.  The Northeast USA does not require a contract so you can change any time without penalty should a rate go down.  If it goes up, who cares, you're locked into a lower rate already.

Direct Sales, not just Ambit, has higher scrutiny because the oversight has to come from within each of us.  The brand dictates the core values but we have to choose to follow them. So if you do not have integrity or worried about your own, then this is NOT for you. 

Fear or Self Doubt are the number one reasons people resist.  Get Trained, be coachable, go to meetings regularly and you'll be fine.  

Legit reviews can be found in the "Prospect Booklet" found at the bottom of this page. 

 Google does not care if a review is true or not.  Only use vetted sites for reviews on anything.


This site is to give people I speak to , one place to see everything.  It is not meant to replace Ambit Energy's web sites, information, ill represent the brand, the name or it's integrity, infringe on any copyrights, etc.  It's a directional site only for approved content.  This site is the sole property of Mike Robinson, Senior Consultant.

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