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The Difference between an online opinion and review

It's funny when you hear about a specific business whether its a MLM or brick & Mortar store how everyone immediately checks Google.  First, Google does not care if what you say is true.  In fact, with zero fact checking, it's merely an opinion, not a review. Doing due diligence means doing it correctly.

Businesses can have all the integrity they want, it's the people in the field that will make or break them as rogue representatives or conscientious ones.


Brands have core values- People don't (always)

If you were a corporation that had franchises and one did not want to follow your policies & procedures or pretended to, they would not be in business very long.  When they do go out of business, it's the core brand that gets the blame.  Know that the next time you "hear" or "read" something about a company.  99% of the time, it was a rogue franchisee who thought they could do it better or knew more than the corporation.

Corporations have integrity, people don't always


Stop busting your behind for someone else's retirement

If you can not make more than your CEO or the more money you make for the company goes to the CEO's new summer home #3, then you are in a pyramid by definition.  You will only make those above you fat.

Home Based Businesses are not designed to replace your full time job initially.  They are designed to give you supplemental income that can build to replace your full time job if you so desire and do the work for it.

But working 40 years to retire and get 40% of what didn't pay your bills in the first place is the truest form of insanity there is.

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Home Based Companies enhance your current situation

Not replace it... at least not at first

No matter what kind of home based company you choose, my two suggestions are above, the one thing they all have in common is YOU.  You must have the determination to drive past the No's, the excuses, the claims it's a scam, etc.  They are camouflaged excuses for "I'm too lazy"or "I can't do that".  You must remain coachable, plugged in, and committed to make it work.

Nothing is given to you, not as an employee or entrepreneur!

Companies have integrity- People Don't ( always )

Every Person is their own company

So when you research a company, it's important to understand, the brand has integrity and core values but if someone in the field does not, the brand gets the blame.  So understanding that every brand teaches you the "Right" way to do things and represent the brand but it's ultimately up to each of us to hold that line...

Nobody ever got fired at your full time job for doing things the way the company wanted.  They are the reason direct sales gets a bad rap.  Treat people the way you'd want to be treated, Never sacrifice integrity for growth are just two of the core values we have and live every day.

Effective Nov 1, 2019 Vistra Energy, a century old company, purchased Ambit for a half a billion dollars.  The largest generator of energy in North America didn't do that because we weren't legit.  Nope, they purchased Ambit because of the integrity and Ambit is the largest retailer of energy in North America.  Talk about a competitive beast!

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