Working from home does not have to be bad...


Not all home based businesses are pyramids

Most corporations in the world are pyramids... one CEO on top, then the VP's and then the Board all the way down to the thousands of workers on the floor.  Those workers are making the CEO very rich, very fat.  The hardest part is picking a company that doesn't require you relying on other people to go to work


Avoid Multi-Level setups

Having to sign up others is one thing... waiting for others to do work before you get paid is not.  The allure of getting pad 6-7 levels down is great until you wait...and wait... and wait for them to go to work and then you realize you aren't getting paid


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing works differently.  Yes, you still sign up others but you're paid based on the enrollment you do and help them do.  You're in far more control and paid quicker.  There are other home based business setups just make sure you do all your homework.  Paying to join anything is wrong.  Don't pay to join.

Affiliate Marketing pays up to 36.5% Commission

Check this video out as one example.  Imagine getting paid to help businesses do digital marketing ( something they must do anyway ) doing more for less money

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